Article with questions: “Twitter secures advertising deal…”

An interesting article involving business, social media and advertising:


1. What do you think attracts potential advertisers to Twitter? Answer in light of this statement: “Marketing messages can be tailored to very precise groups of people, based on their age, gender and the interests and affiliations they have expressed through interaction with social media.

2. Since Twitter is a global social media platform with diverse users from around the world, suggest the types of businesses that are likely to advertise on Twitter.

3. Do you think advertising might have any negative impact on Twitter’s reputation and credibility?

4. Advertising on Twitter is an example of which of the 4 marketing P’s?


8 thoughts on “Article with questions: “Twitter secures advertising deal…”

  1. 1. Twitter allows you to target specific targets based on the type of advertisement and what is being advertised
    2. Multinational business that are setting up operations in a new country
    3. It depends on what is being advertised – and whether Twitter will allow certain products/services to be advertised
    4. Promotion

    • Excellent answers. One point: multinationals would definitely be a likely advertiser on Twitter, but this might apply to more than just those setting up in a new country. The launching of a new product, for example, would also be used on a social media platform like Twitter. An existing product could be advertised too, depending on the marketing strategy being followed.

  2. 1) Using Twitter, potential advertisers can aim an advert of a specific product directly at the tarket market of that product.
    2) Multinational businesses that are planning to set up a new branch/business abroad.
    3) Depending on what is advertised, if for example drugs or so on is advertised it would bring Twitter’s name in a bad light, allowing it to be advertised since it is illegal and ruins your life. If for example excercise plans or a gym is advertised it could be beneficial for Twitter as its users will be more healthy and might live longer.
    4) Advertising on Twitter is an example of promotion.

    • Good answers, Carla! As with the comment above, notice that multinationals would indeed be interested in advertising on Twitter, but that this is not limited to the situation of setting up new operations – there are other possibilities.

  3. 1. Potential advertisers can use Twitter to make marketing messages that target a specific group of people based on the information people give about themselves while interacting on social media. This will make advertising more efficient.
    2. Multinational businesses will advertise on Twitter because in doing so they will be able to reach potential customers in foreign countries more easily.
    3. No. As long as the adverts are not offensive.
    4. Promotion

    • Very good, Rudi! Yes, offensive advertising on Twitter could be very damaging to a firm’s reputation – especially if we consider that what is offensive in one culture is not necessarily the same in another.

  4. 1) I think the fact that they can effectively advertise to a certain market segment will attract potential advertisers, also the fact that it is an easy way to advertise internationally. Users of Twitter are usually not children or old people, so potential advertisers (probably international businesses) that has a product for an age group that resembles the age group of Twitter users, will take advantage of the appropriate age group who will potentially see the adverts that are tailored to grab their attention.

    2) Businesses likely to advertise on twitter will be international businesses such as Coca-Cola, Windows, or other famous brands that are available world wide, and businesses with products that are bought by the people that fall in the age group of twitter users.

    3) Yes, I think could have a negative impact. Adverts that are inappropriate for the certain market segment of Twitter users, could be a nuisance, being either offensive of annoying. Thus users might reconsider using Twitter.

    4) Promotion.

    • Excellent, thoughtful answers, Monica! I agree that users of Twitter might find certain ads irrelevant and even annoying – this highlights the importance of ensuring that a business’s advert is aimed at an appropriate audience or group of Twitter users.

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