Luke Akal

Welcome to the virtual classroom and blog for Business Studies!


As the IGCSE and AS Level Business Studies tutor for CL Education, I would like to
introduce myself and welcome you to the course! From now until you
write the examinations, I trust that we will be able to work together
in order to assist you to excel and reach your highest potential in
this subject.

This virtual classroom is going to be the central point of our interaction; it’s where we are going to explore Business Studies together, and it’s the place for you to enhance and enrich your studies. Please note that my commentary on this blog will be directed towards students registered with CL Education only.

A brief background about myself: I am currently studying towards a
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science and Political Science
through UNISA. I have completed my CIE AS and IGCSE Level
qualifications, and have since tutored Economics and Business Studies

for a number of distance learners as well as conventional ‘in-person’
tutoring for Business Studies. Business Studies is, along with
Economics, the subject I was most passionate about during my schooling
and Cambridge AS studies. For me, the logical and common sense
approach of the subjects appealed the most, as well as the fact that
Business Studies is a subject that can be expressed in almost every
aspect of one’s life.

Having said this, I understand that not every student will naturally enjoy Business Studies – there are always going to be subjects we are not so keen on! But I want to assure you that, even if you do not particularly like this subject or don’t see how it will help you later in life, you can pass with an excellent grade and retain important knowledge that you may one day apply! Like all Cambridge subjects, Business Studies requires a great deal of dedication, commitment and self-discipline. If you approach the subject with the right attitude, half the battle has already been won!

I want to stress to you that you should never consider any question
too “silly” to be asked. Please do contact me with whatever questions
you may have, no matter how complex or simple, short or long. I am here to help you with this subject – it is as simple as that!

All the very best for your studies and I look forward to chatting
Business with you soon!

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi there!

    I’m new on the CL tutoring program, and I just wanted to introduce myself…. My name is Guilliam and I am taking AS Business and writing it end of this year.

    I really appreciate your blog and I look forward to passing Business Studies (hahahaha!).

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Hi Guilliam!

      Thanks for the message! I’m sure we can aim to have you not only pass but also excel in this subject 🙂

      I’m now back online and will be uploading some new blog posts in the future. I look forward to receiving and marking your assignments soon!

      All the best.


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