Some important points…

Hi everyone

Firstly, please remember to follow this blog! This is very important – doing so means that you will receive automatic updates each time new content is posted in our virtual classroom. To follow, simply click ‘follow’ on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, enter your email address and click ‘sign me up’. 

Secondly, this blog is for both IGCSE and AS Level Business Studies students. There will, however, be posts that apply to one more than the other, or specifically only for one level. For the most part, both levels have much in common in terms of what concepts are covered (although they differ in depth).

Please always have a curious, questioning mind! Ask questions on this blog as you wish and engage with the subject. Never feel shy or have any inhibitions to ask questions. This is our virtual classroom; a place for learning! Feel free to comment on any of the posts.

If you need to chat with me, please add me on Gmail chat. You should have it, but just in case – my email address is

I hope this virtual classroom is of much benefit to you and enriches your learning experience of Business Studies! 


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